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Social Media Marketing

It’s important to reach your consumers where they spend most of their time. Today, time is spent on Social Media which presents a great platform for reaching and engaging your customer base. Social Media management services include Facebook page setup, management and promotions.

Why Utilizing Social Media is Important.

Statistics show that 30% of time spent online is spent on Social Media. Facebook, in particular, has proven to be a social platform proven to help businesses engage, influence and build brand loyalty with females between the ages of 25-65 (a core demographic for grocery stores).

Grocery Store Digital Marketing

Carted’s digital marketing solutions ensure your ads are reaching the right local consumer, keeping consumers engaged, informed and building loyalty.

Email Marketing

By partnering with Reach Offers, your customers will automatically receive timely digital coupons in their email inbox every week. In addition, Carted offers grocery stores the opportunity to consistently reach customer's inbox by managing daily, weekly and monthly email marketing campaigns based on customer profile details.

How Grocery Stores can Utilize Email Marketing.

Multiple use cases exist that can ensure Grocery Stores are benefitting from email marketing solutions. These include daily or weekly coupons that can be claimed, weekly ads that are typically included in printed circulars, sending customers weekly recipes and reminding locals to visit your store around certain holidays.

Location Based Mobile

The majority of digital time is spent on mobile devices. Location based mobile marketing enables advertisers to geo-fence their store, high value neighborhoods or competing stores and engage potential customers in those geo-fences with ads pertaining to weekly discounted items or coupons.

Can using location technology drive results?

Consumers are tethered to their mobile devices every minute of the day which suggests that where we go our devices go. As we move from one place to another throughout the day, our physical location indicates where we live, work and play which helps paint the picture of demographics, interests and behaviors. By using location data to drive your grocery store marketing campaigns, you can zero in on neighborhoods, demographic profiles and competitor locations to reach the right target market for your store.

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